Choosing a Bowling Ball For The Bowling Lane Surface

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Rule #3. Choose The Right Bowling Ball For The Bowling Surface.
Surface of the bowling lane - You will need to keep in mind the surface of the lane in your next bowling ball purchase, are you on old wood lanes or new synthetic lane surfaces. If it is wood, then what type of lane finish is it, water based or an epoxy urethane based finish, normally how you can tell this is the epoxy urethane is a shiner and harder than the water-based finish. In addition, you could ask the lane man at your center if he knows the type.

If it is a synthetic lane surface, is it Pro Anvilane by Brunswick or HPL by AMF Bowling, these are the 2 main types of synthetic bowling lane surfaces. A basic rule is wood finishes are softer and synthetic surfaces are harder. Most the time synthetic lanes are slicker at the start of the night and the conditioner will not soak in like on a wood surface. Most of the newer bowling balls are tested on synthetic lane now days.

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