Pin Carry In Bowling

Use New Finger Inserts To Increase Bowling Pin Carry

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Bowling Techniques for Increasing Your Pin Carry In Bowling

Rule #3 Get New Rubber Finger Inserts
If you use the rubber finger grips check them out if they are worn out get some new ones they are not that expensive and can give you the extra revolution to ether carry a strike or leave a pin. I have seen new grips get people out of slumps. A rule I use is 1 time a week bowler get new grips 1 time a season and a 2 time a week bowler would get new finger inserts twice a season and so on. The basic rule is about every 100 games you should think about new grips, they really will help and may make it so you can use your old bowling ball longer as they will give you that carry you had when it was new. I have seen bowlers buy new bowling balls to get better pin carry when they may have only needed new grips.

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