How To Grip A Bowling Ball

How To Grip A Bowling Ball

How To Hold A Bowling Ball

When holding the ball you would put your fingers in first about 1/4 inch above the second crease and then your thumb. Make sure your thumb is in all the way. Turn your bowling ball so that your hand and palm are under the ball. Hold your ball to your side at about waste level. Then you would go through your approach (it is advised to learn the 4 step approach) and as you release your ball your thumb comes out first and then your fingers.

You should have a slight angle to your wrist, not quite a 45 degrees. It should be more like a 20 to 30 degree angle. This gives the ball that inward rotation. This angle and rotation should be directed toward the one pin, also known as the head pin. Your wrist and arm should be flat. In addition, the ball should roll off your hand. You do not want to go over the top of the ball or circle it. This is the basic principal behind releasing any of the basic grips.

You should start out with the conventional grip for your first bowling ball and as you progress you would then go up to a semi. Then you may want to get the stretch grip, but it is not used much these days.

Good Luck And Practice is the Key.

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How To Hold A Bowling Ball

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