Bowling Hand Positions

The Cupped Bowling Hand Position

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How To Use Bowling Hand and Wrist Positions

Bowling Hand Position #4: The Cupped Release
This article concentrates on the cupped hand position in bowling or the cupped release. The cupped release is when your wrist is curled so that your fingers and hand are angled upward in a 45 degree angle. This causes the bowling ball to roll sooner.

As the ball is released the thumb comes out first and the hand rolls the ball smoothly and lifts with the fingers to create more revolutions. You need to stay up and under the ball to get the maxium amount of rotation on the ball.

Take care when using it though as you can get an injury to your wrist. It is high risk, high reward type bowling hand position. It also gives you an earlier break point. (Note: most crankers or high revolution bowlers like this wrist position). PBA member Bob Learn Jr Uses this bowling hand position.

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