The Four Step Bowling Approach

The Best Method To Becoming a Good Bowler

four step bowling approach

How To Do The 4 Step Bowling Approach

These example are for right-handed bowlers, reverse everything for the left-handed bowlers. Remember the foot work goes right foot, left foot, right foot, then slide on the left foot or 1, 2, 3 slide. Your foot work and arm swing go in sequence.

Start by standing at about the first set of dots on the approach and holding your bowling ball at hip level and to the side. On the first step push the ball out a little, the second step the ball falls, the third step the ball falls in a pendulum swing toward your back (kind of like a ball hanging on a string), the fourth step you slide and roll the ball forward down the lane and toward the pins. Note: this is all done in one smooth motion.

You do not what to fall of your shot. It is important that you have a firm and solid confident approach.

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